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For over 37 years, Chris Cruse & Associates has served the general public in the marketing of real estate. Our association with the real estate industry, however, extends much further. 
My  great grandfather, W.R Taylor, who settled in Franklin Parish around the turn of the century, served as a real estate broker, selling mostly farms and cutover lands in Franklin, Catahoula, Concordia, Tensas, and Richland Parishes. In 1928 he developed the W.R Taylor Addition to Winnsboro which still bears his name, as does the street which serves the community from Highway 15 to Temple Baptist Church. We are proud of our early and long association with the real estate business and are committed to continuing the tradition established by my great grandfather many years ago.
                                     James  Christopher Cruse
Our Commitments To You :  
As your real estate broker our commitments are much the same as those my great grandfather made to the public he served. They are the commitments of a time long ago, but we believe they are as appropriate today as they were then:
I: When showing  you and your family property, we pledge to conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times.
II: When showing you property, we pledge to carefully consider your needs, realizing that the purchase of real estate is one of the most important and expensive assets you will acquire in a lifetime. 
III. We pledge to assist you in a fair and objective manner, using the knowledge and skills which we have developed over many years of experience.
IV. We pledge to respond to your inquiries concerning properties in a timely manner.
V. We pledge that whenever possible, we will show property at your convenience and not our own.
VI. We pledge that we will provide you with all pertinent information about the properties that interest you, knowing that you can never have too much information, but you can have too little.
VII. We pledge to act in good faith during any ensuing negotiations concerning property you wish to acquire. 
VIII. Knowing that the purchase and sale of real estate is often complicated we will do our best to solve each problem that confronts us.
IX. We pledge to assist the attorney, banker, surveyor, appraiser or any other professional involved in the acquisition of your chosen property. 
X.   We pledge honesty at all times, realizing that it takes years to acquire a good reputation, but only moments to lose one.

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